«The mountains are mute masters
and make silent disciples»

End of season 2023

The Faulhorn is open until latest Sunday, October 8.
Bookings for the new year can be made from February 2024 onwards.

Thank you.

Timetable for Sunday, 1. October 2023

Timetable (01.10.2023)


First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:00 pm

First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:30 pm


First departure:8:50 am
Last departure:5:25 pm

First departure:9:25 am
Last departure:6:00 pm

«Schynige Platte»

First departure:7:25 am
Last departure:4:45 pm

First departure:8:21 am
Last departure:5:53 pm